Treetalks Cooking Courses Thai Food
Learn the art of Thai cooking together with Tic Sutchai Lüttin!

She will gladly impart her extensive knowledge in the preparation of this centuries-old cooking culture.
  • Put together a cooking team of 4-6 people with a few friends, fix a date of your choice with Tic Sutchai.

  • Choose 4-5 dishes you would like to learn and spend a whole day in the Klangarena with cooking.

Each participant can invite his partner or friend for a fine dinner, and the party is perfect.

Price CHF 150 per participant including one guest (minimum 4 participants)        
Give us a call: We will find exactly the right solution for your cooking needs
Treetalks Cooking Courses with Tic Sutchai Lüttin
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Examples of the Thai cuisine:
Treetalks Menu Chicken Satai
Treetalks Menu Fried Crab Curry
Treetalks Menu Mo Kra Taa
Treetalks Menu Som Tum
Treetalks Menu Sneak Head Fish
Treetalks Menu Tom Yum Soup
Treetalks Menu Fish Tamarind
Treetalks Menu Pad See Ew
Treetalks Menu Panaeng Chicken
Cooking course final party