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Workshop Sound Instruments
We bring along:
The Trogabo - Didgeridoo Tree
The Walbaum - a multifunctional instrument
The Ballaphon Tree
Wood and Stone Xylophone
A Mammoth Drum, diameter 125 cm
The Indigenous Alphorn
Innumerable small instruments from all over the world to get to know
We stage a sound journey into the rainforest with you!
Treetalks Workshops
Treetalks Workshops
Treetalks Workshop
Treetalks Workshops
Workshops at schools

An unforgettable experience for the children is guaranteed.

An assembly hall or gymnasium with good access is required, if possible without stairs. Door width min. 95 cm!

  • 3 workshops of 90 min each .... max. 300 children. CHF 1500.- including transport and expenses up to 100 km distance from the Klangarena Degersheim.

  • 2 workshops of 90 min each..... max. 200 children. CHF 1200.- including transport and expenses up to 100 km distance from the Klangarena Degersheim.
Workshop Didgeridoo
When a master of the trade holds the didgeridoo to his mouth,
the whole universe begins to vibrate,
the earth quakes, the animals come to visit and it becomes "Dreamtime".
Treetalks Oliver Lüttin plays Didgeridoo
  • The didgeridoo is one of the oldest wind instruments in the world and has been played by the Aborigines of Australia since time immemorial.
  • It is nothing more than a tube about one and a half meters long and five centimeters in diameter.
  • The course includes building a didgeridoo from bamboo, rattan cane and beeswax.
Treetalks Oliver Lüttin maestro on Didgeridoo
Treetalks Workshop Didgeridoo: The instrument is handcrafted
Treetalks Workshop Didgeridoo: Braiding with pedigree tube
Treetalks Workshop Didgeridoo: Impregnation oil for finish
No special craftsmanship and skills are required to build the instrument.

The course costs are CHF 310.- for two days including materials for building your own instrument.
Treetalks Workshop Didgeridoo: The mouthpieces are made of beeswax
Treetalks Workshop Didgeridoo: First attempts on your own instrument
Treetalks Workshop Didgeridoo: Playing techniques and information
Basic knowledge about the history and playing of the didgeridoo is taught:
  • Playing Technique
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Art, history and culture of the Aborigines
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